Advertising Stimulus for the Travel Industry

iTrade Media extends a safety net to Resorts, Cruise Lines, Airlines and Destination Travel Spots.
Announcing a $25 Million Dollar Advertising Stimulus Plan for the travel industry. This package is
designed to help those in the travel Industry substantially expand their advertising and increase their
occupancy rate with guaranteed sales at their full retail rates. You can apply for up to 5 Million in
Advertising to be paid for with a Guaranteed Purchase of the equal value in your open occupancy
opportunities. So, if you are approved for 3 Million in Advertising to utilize over the course of a year, you
would simply offer travel vouchers or room credits for equal to the same value. The credit is given the
same day and full access to the Media Options are available the first day.

The Travel Industry has been handed much like most of the world, a set of challenges as well as
opportunity like we have never seen or honestly imagined. Not only did the entire industry almost come
to a halt overnight, but there will be ongoing “new messaging” that will be critical to the go forward
success to all in this broad industry. What are the new sanitation standards, what “space” is provided
for tourists to ensure non over crowded areas in addition to the multiple standard messaging? In
addition to the power struggle for advertising positioning that will be needed as all in the industry will
rally for space and placement as the flood gates slowly open again. Planning ahead and securing
placement, taking advantage of new opportunities to shout your message with creativity is more critical
now more than ever. But all that said, we all know that. Let’s throw on top of that the fact the industry
came to a halt, billions of dollars on top of the stop of revenue is also having to be refunded. So where
is the money for Advertising? This Stimulus plan is created to give an influx of millions of dollars to the
Travel Industry with 0 cash costs! The inclusion of trading for Advertising in this industry’s marketing
budget allows it to expand its sales effort and to dramatically stretch funds to test new markets and
build branding and awareness. Those in the Travel Industry can use barter to attract desirable
individual customers and meeting programs that generate cash charges for incidentals, as well as bring
future cash business to increase market share. Bartering a fraction of an average percentage of unsold
room or cabins or seats in return for major advertising campaigns is an intelligent tool for boosting
demand and profit while expanding budgetary resources.

iTrade Media – has created and funded with our partners a unique opportunity to support Luxury Travel,
Resorts, All Inclusive Resorts, Airlines and other specific Mid to Luxury Travel options by funding your
Media, Advertising, Press Release and digital options through most platforms. Options range from **
Digital **TV ** National Radio ** Billboards ** Print Publications and the top Major Nationwide
Publications plus Social Media. Premium placement options through things like Travelocity, The
Travel Channel, I Heart Radio Stations, Banner Ads on sites like Forbes and thousands more are a few
featured items available. As inventory remains, we are offering up 5 Million dollars per approved
companies (amounts may vary by industry and company) for dollars to be used on Advertising
Campaigns. Our Media team will work with yours for all creation and placement across the thousands
of immediate options. The amount of Advertising purchased can be paid with your available space over
the next few years based on availability. All Advertising can be used immediately and campaigns can
be built out over the next 24 months. For example, a Cruise Line can utilize 2 million in advertising
dollars by paying for that with room space when available. Dollar for dollar as a trade basis. All of the
normal 20% cash commission, enrollment fees, monthly fees and such are 100% waived through the
Stimulus plan. There will be ZERO out of pocket cost to any approved companies in the Travel Industry.
Enclosed you will find some options highlighted. Keep in mind there are more than 3000 options to
choose from to create the perfect advertising plan. You can by hyper local, Nationwide or Worldwide
depending on your target market. As expected, current analysis shows us Travelers have already
changed their pattern of looking but show intent on travel when the opportunity presents itself. Brand
will be important, focus on current standards and addressing those becomes increasingly important.
Now more than ever – start your messaging.

For further details click below to apply for a one-day approval.