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About Us

iTrade Media was founded in 2004  and has since then been recognized in the prestigious INC 500 list among other achievements.   iTrade Media partners with companies in the travel sector as well as advertisers worldwide.  We have created a system that specializes in advertising for resorts and travel destinations worldwide plus related companies such as tours, cruises and airlines.


We work with our clients directly or through their PR teams or Ad Agencies to extend current marketing budgets by capitalizing  on the underutilized “excess” capacity, immediately turning this into advertising.   The power in taking empty space and creating the larger vision, message and brand to drive more cash is a tool that sets our clients apart from the rest of the world. 


Learn more on how innovative companies are leading the industry by  funding their budgets through their open availability.   The advertising options expand to all forms of media including; TV, Radio, Digital, Social Media, Print and more. 


Companies develop an extension of their media team by working with iTrade while we work to capture the most valuable media space and opportunities for you in a cashless marketplace.

When a client initiates a Media buy, iTrade Media will work with the Advertising Agency or direct with the clients Marketing Team to work alongside with them on the Vision, Direction and Goals in getting the results and providing consistent analytics to track progress. With Over 4,000 immediate options to Advertise in and by partnering with the only Company that specializes in the Travel Industry specifically in a cashless marketplace we are confident in the ability to turn your goals into reality. Advertisers also utilize their unused space and specifically target options to take client on a “barter” basis as this brings new clients to their publication that they may otherwise not have had access to. In addition give the buying power towards the items they are looking for to excel their goals while increasing profit at the same time.


There has never been a better time to get your message out to the World. With COVID-19 affecting the World with such power Travelers will be forever changed in their list of important features when traveling in the future. No longer will the crowded beaches, full restaurants and packed tours be the only messaging going forward. Most in the Travel Industry who are planning ahead right now will be creating new messaging and adding in quiet secluded dinners, private tours, private beaches, spacious options and along with new sanitizing guidelines. Most likely the cleanliness and even the processes will become part of some messaging going forward.


When ITM places a media buy it is done in the form of a trade credit. The Advertisers utilize these trade to purchase the items they need through the 1000’s of other companies within the network. Your trade credit is earned by simply leveraging unused space in the form of direct bookings through our Travel Department, Airline Vouchers or Room Night Stay or Gift Card. By creating this system to redeem over time, you are able to generate funds needed to immediately create a substantial advertising campaign with no out of pocket cash costs. These budgets can be done on a quarterly or annual basis dictating somewhat the redemption process through non peak weeks.

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